What is intelligence quotient?


IQ is the result of one of several standard tests disigned to assess human intelligence. IQ scores can tell some things
about a person, they are used as predictors of social status, special needs, job performance and educational achievement.

There are many kinds of IQ tests with different methods.Some are verbal (with words), some are visual (with pictures)
and some tests concentrate on arithmetic, memory or general knowledge.

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The average IQ

The IQ test is one of the most popular psychological tests, but many people aren't sure what IQ scores mean.An
IQ score below 70 is a low result.The average score is set to 100 and any score over 140 is counted as a high IQ.

Kid's test


The first practical IQ test was developed in France between 1905 - 1908 by Alfred Binet.
Binet used the test to see which schoolboys would need particular help with the school curriculum.
Stanford University psychologist Lewis Terman took Binet's original test and standardized it using a
sample of American partakers.This adapted test was called the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.
It became the most popular test in the USA for decades.

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